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Smart Features…

  • AmKiller — Be mortgage-free years sooner with no pain. The optional AmKiller feature automatically increments your payments by $1-$20 dollars or 1%-5%, either quarterly, semi-annually or yearly. You’ll slash 3-8 years off your amortization and barely notice the payment difference. Patent pending.1
  • PrePayment Rewards — Max out your prepayment privileges and get up to $1,000 cash back. It’s our way of rewarding your savings!2
  • Renewal Rewards — Get up to $1,000 cash back just for renewing at our incredible low rates.³ Early renew up to two months in advance.
  • FlexPayments — Make optional extra payments up to 20% of your original mortgage amount each year. Make one big lump payment, or a bunch of individual ones ($1,000 minimum). You aren’t restricted to only one prepayment per year, like some lenders. Plus, optionally increase your ongoing payments up to 100% over the life of the mortgage!
  • FairPenalty — If you ever want to break your mortgage early, or renew more than 60 days ahead of time, your prepayment charge is based on fair discounted rates, not posted rates like the major banks. You’ll also receive an automatic 20% reduction if you refinance into a new intelliMortgage.
  • EasyPort — If you ever need to move, the intelliMortgage lets you port to a new property with no penalty whatsoever, as long as both homes close within 30 days. If you need up to 90 days, that’s fine too, with normal interest applying after the 30th day.
  • EasyIncrease — If you ever need more money, the intelliMortgage lets you add new funds at a fully discounted interest rate, with no penalty whatsoever! Your term stays the same so all your borrowing matures at the same time.
  • PaymentGuard — Skip a payment in emergencies—one per year, as long as you’ve made an equal or greater prepayment.
  • We Eat Your Switch Fees! — We want to be the lender you love! Switch into an intelliMortgage and we pay the fees.⁴ You can even sign at your home or office.
  • Early Renew — Renew up to 60 days in advance and we’ll hold your rate. If you want to renew even earlier then we’ll automatically reduce your prepayment charge by 20%.
  • $500 Early Refi Rebate — If you have to break your mortgage early to refinance, we’ll cover up to $500 of the re-registration cost of your new intelliMortgage!⁵
  • FastChange — Make changes to your mortgage online with no hassle. Simply login to and securely make prepayments, increase payments, change payment frequency or change your address.
  • Online Statements — Get monthly mortgage statements by secure email and watch your balance and amortization shrink!
[1] Prepayments come off your normal payment increase privileges.
[2] Doesn’t apply to prepayments that are more than 75% of the outstanding mortgage balance and/or occur within 90 days of discharge. Rewards equal $125 per $100,000 of mortgage balance, once per term.
[3] Client can also opt for an equivalent rate reduction. Doesn’t apply to early refinances. Rewards equal $125 per $100,000 of mortgage.
[4] Get free legal and appraisal when you switch a regular mortgage from another lender, with no changes to loan amount, loan-to-value, title or amortization (collateral charges excepted). Discharge fees imposed by your lender are not included. Those range from ~$75-300 depending on lender and province. The mortgage must be $100,000 or more and have at least a 15-year remaining amortization.
[5] Except if borrower refinances. The $500 applies to reduce your legal or appraisal cost.
The above offer is subject to change at any time without notice. intelliMortgage arranges mortgages from multiple other brands, including those of banks, credit unions, wholesale lenders, trusts and insurance companies. The terms and features above apply exclusively to The intelliMortgage brand mortgage only, and to no other lender. OAC. E&OE.